Cotton Labels and Much More!

Cotton Labels and Much More!

The most important thing that designers look for in a custom fabric label is a design that is eye-catching and unique that properly highlights the brand. Clothing designers are faced with the challenge of making their brand stand out from the competition without much time to impress the customer. With so many items on the shelf of a typical clothing store, a customer usually only takes several moments with each item of clothing, but a catchy organic label or hang tag can make that particular shirt pop.

For over 25 years, Hi-Tech Printing and Labeling Inc. has been developing their skills as a printer and label maker to provide their clients with the highest quality, most original labels. They have mastered printing on fabrics in up to 8 different colors, so that they can make their client’s vision into a reality.

Once the client has chosen a designer’s particular item of clothing and brought it home, the next important thing that determines if they will be repeat customer is if the clothes are comfortable. While the majority of that burden rests in the hands of the designer, it is also important for them to select a fabric label that is comfortable and blends into the clothing. Hi-Tech Printing and Labeling makes comfortable cotton labels, in addition to labels in a variety of less common materials such as satin or Tyvek. Our labels are not only the highest quality, but we also work hard to keep our prices low so that designers don’t have to be limited by whatever budget they may have. Call us at (213)746-7772 for more information 

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