Organic Label

Organic Label

Clothing designers and manufacturers turn to organic fabric labels when they finish their projects in order to make their whole process ecologically-friendly. An organic label can often be overlooked because it's a small detail. However, when you think about how many clothing labels are produced every year, the materials produced really add up. Do your part and make sure your products are adorned with a beautiful organic label from Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, Inc.

Customers prefer a cotton organic label, too. It's not only amazingly soft; it also comes free of irritating chemicals and pesticides. In addition, they enjoy the fact that organic fabric labels are great for the Earth. Cotton that isn't organic uses more insecticides than any other single major crop. Furthermore, chemicals in non-organic products can be burned into the air, can pollute local surface waters, can weaken soil, and can hurt farmers, animals, and even important insects. Green labels are great because they skip all of these unpleasant steps.

So, contact Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, Inc. for your organic custom clothing tags. They excel in cotton labels, twill labels, natural flat cotton labels, organic cotton labels, and many other kinds of labels. Most importantly, these labels look great. Besides containing necessary information, our labels superbly match your desired branding. Send us any logo no matter how difficult and we will bring it to life. It is challenges like these that has kept us on our toes since opening in 1989.

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