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In the fashion industry, it's important to assert your individuality. You've made a mark for yourself with the designs you've chosen, and you've selected the fabrics that match your personality. There's one aspect of style however that may have eluded you so far: the styling of your fabric labels. Clothing labels complete the style profile, and lend consistency to the look and feel of the garments you manufacture. At Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc., we bring across any sense of style with our cutting edge machinery and our quick friendly service in providing reliable and quality woven clothing labels for clothing.

You have a principle influence when it comes to the aesthetic of your garments. Whether you're a large scale t-shirt producer or a dress designer, there's much to be conveyed about your identity in the clothes your company sells. For t-shirts, your sense of humor or a pop-culture appreciation can stretch from the design on front to the labels for clothing you've placed inside. You want a high quality, durable woven label. If, on the other hand, you design high fashion jackets or blouses, you probably want the elegance and refinement of your garments to come across in their woven labels.

Clients who choose a woven clothing label are often looking to bring a sense of classic, hand-crafted workmanship to the items they manufacture. Our custom woven labels come in 50 or 100 denier. We offer both U.S. and overseas-made labels. Woven labels are weaved from thread and not embroidered on to ribbon, therefore the desired size and colors of your woven labels are much more achievable. Your text and/or logo are weaved on the most modern looms. We offer the following cut & folds: hot cut, end fold, loop fold, and miter fold. If you have sizes you want to put on the label, they can either be incorporated onto your main label or you can purchase separate woven size tabs to add to your main labels.  These can be ordered in black with a white letter or the reverse.

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