Woven Labels for Los Angeles Retailers and Beyond

Woven Labels for Los Angeles Retailers and Beyond

Woven labels for Los Angeles based retailers are offered in bulk by Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. Our design and production facility, located in the downtown garment district, is a primary supplier of printed fabric labels, woven labels, leg stickers, and hang tags for clothing and product lines throughout the world. Over the past 25 years, leaders in the retail, restaurant, and beverage industry have repeatedly placed orders with Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling. Los Angeles businesses seeking woven labels or one of our other products are welcome to visit our manufacturing plant for complimentary samples or to discuss particular needs.

The top of the line equipment used for printing fabric labels at Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling allows the customer to select up to eight colors for their custom garment or product labels. These colors can be applied to a variety of label materials on the press, including organic cotton, satin, polyester, tyvek, and nylon, to name a few. Our plant emphasizes the vividness and durability of our woven clothing labels. Many huge brands known the world over have utilized Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling in creating labels and tags seen by countless consumers. With affordable rates and a fast turnaround time applied to all orders, there is no need to look further than Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling when you need new woven labels, printed fabric labels, stickers, or tags.

For further information or to set up an order with Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, call 213-746-7772 or 800-490-0405. Los Angeles based customers may visit our facility in the garment district for free samples or to obtain a free quote.

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We have the expertise and ability to create labels and tags for your product! Check out some recent samples of our work and prices and contact us for all your labelling needs. Call us toll free for a free quote or drop by for free samples.