Three Reasons Why Legal Labels Are Important for Every Brand

Fabric labels aren’t usually the first considerations when it comes to designing or crafting products, but they can be very important – especially legal labels. These tags required by the government not only keep you safe from liability but also ensure that consumers have the information they need and may offer them some peace of mind as well.

While law labels are not glamorous, they provide critical information to buyers. Here are three main reasons why legal labels are so important:

  1. They Provide Consumers with Content Information
    No matter what your business is, whether it’s mattresses or upholstery, a legal tag clearly states the materials used to produce the item. This information can be lifesaving for those with severe allergies to certain materials or who may have small children or pets to take care of.
  2. Ensures Transparency
    Consumers appreciate fully transparent brands. When you can lay out everything from material makeup, care instructions, and even if the fabrics used are recycled, shoppers are more likely to trust and feel good about your products.
    In fact, those “Do Not Remove” labels we all know were created to combat sketchy sellers who would stuff mattresses with random (and sometimes harmful) materials rather than whatever was being advertised and then use labels from another product to hide their dishonesty.
  3. Markets Safety and Quality of Goods
    A company that can confidently demonstrate the high quality of its products with clear labeling is one that consumers will continue to shop from.

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