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Like all garment companies, your production lines must turn to new technology when there’s a shift. It’s the only way to compete and maintain the kind of price and scale of production that makes you a leading business. In the same way, manufacturers of printed fabric labels must constantly stay ahead in terms of technology, and at Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, we’ve made it such an important part of our business that it goes right in our name. In terms of woven clothing labels, every fabric label company is not created equally. Thanks to the latest technology, we’re able to stand out thanks to our fast turnaround on orders, vastly superior quality, and competitive pricing.

A layman might assume clothing labels are made by simply dyeing a pre-woven pattern. They’re unlikely to know what garment makers know: The process is actually quite impressive. But people do recognize the difference in quality, even if they’re not cognizant of how it came to be. Our loom machines are capable of working at a very high speed and generating extremely detailed patterns. With printed fabric labels produced by the staff here at Hi-Tech Printing and Labeling, you’ll be able to communicate to those who wear your garments that they’re getting something refined. But what’s more, production won’t be slowed while you wait for us to finish your order. We pride ourselves being the best label manufacturers for filling orders with efficiency and speed.

But we’re not just Los Angeles’ leader among label manufacturers in combining quality with speed. We’re also the fabric label company that does it at a price point far lower than you might expect. Since good woven clothing labels, as well as hang tags, advertise themselves, we’re able to follow a business model of low cost and high quality due to the positive word of mouth that consistently brings in new business.

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