Organic Cotton Labels, Safe for People and the Environment

Organic cotton labels are an important component of eco-friendly products worldwide. In a day and age where global warming is a major concern, and consumers are willing to invest in a wide variety of eco-friendly items, going green is a powerful business strategy for your company. More and more businesses are advertising their green credentials. Eco-friendly products are a growing trend among consumers. One of the clear considerations buyers look for before committing money to a company is whether they promise good values and non-toxic products that are safe for kids, animals and the earth. Labels that themselves are organic show that your green business is serious about preserving the environment and that your brand is a trusted partner in building a better world.

According to the Organic Trade Association, organic cotton is a natural plant fiber grown without toxic pesticides or fertilizers. A green, non-toxic label attached to your product makes a powerful statement that your company is part of the solution. Savvy, environmentally conscious consumers shop for products that are harmless to the earth, have a low carbon footprint and don’t hurt local bee populations. Organic cotton farms use alternative methods, such as insect releases to counter disease, strip cutting alfalfa to help plants grow and high-tech weeding machinery, all of which reduce the negative impact of cotton farming. And because organic cotton uses no insecticides and pesticides, water supplies are protected, making it one of the safest, renewable natural fibers you can buy.

High-Tech Printing and Labeling wants to make sure that you can offer peace of mind to your clients, without compromising the beauty and durability of the label. With High-Tech Printing & Labeling’ s eight-color printing press, the design element will not have to be traded away. Virtually any design can be created, so you’re product will stand out and leave a lasting impression. One of the most powerful tools any business can use is branding. A great label expands the reach of any business, showcasing the logo and other important information. A great label spreads the word about your business and acts as a calling card for your company. If you are interested in a green label that also affirms your commitment to mother Earth, contact High-Tech Printing & Labeling for more information.

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