How Labels for Clothing Set Your Designs Apart From the Rest

When beginning a career in fashion, whether it’s behind the scenes as a designer or working in a fast-paced retail outlet, you’ll quickly learn that labels for clothing are essential. At Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc., we know that every single person involved in making, handling and selling an article of clothing—even the customer themselves—relies on that tiny piece of material, and we know that a great label is a way to make your clothes stand out among the crowded retail fashion scene.

We work with designers, manufacturers and retailers to provide exactly the right tag for the clothing in question. Sometimes that means an adhesive tag or something that is temporary, but more often we will use woven labels that match the quality and durability of the overall fabric of the garment. Whether that means a label that’s made of cotton or silk, tweed or damask, or even something more unique, we’ll be able to pair the tag you need to the garment of your choice.

There are times when a regular tag, no matter how well-designed or exceptional looking, just won’t work. Maybe the tag needs to be functional as well as informative and nice to look at. Maybe it also needs to be as unobtrusive as possible. In those cases, fabric hang tags might be the best option to properly showcase and display a designer’s work.

No matter what stage of the designing or retail process you’re in, we want to work with you to find the perfect tag for you and your brand, something that will keep your customers informed while also remaining true to your design vision and conveying your brand’s message.

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