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If you need labels that preserve your company’s logo in vivid color, contact the fabric label experts at Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, Inc. Our company is based in Los Angeles, California, so that we can offer the fastest turn-around time when printing labels for your products. Whether you need size information on an adhesive label that won’t stain the jeans, or a Tyvek law label for mattresses that can endure the roughest deliveries to the consumer, Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, Inc. is here for you.

One of our signature products is our woven labels. These labels are not just stitching into a ribbon, but full threads woven together to create a durable, softly-textured label that won’t cause itching or skin irritation. Our manufacturing facility has the latest weaving looms, and we source the best possible threads, to ensure that your logo and product information remain legible and in full, beautiful color. Because we are already in the US, we can quickly and efficiently create your labels and ship them to you, and you know you can trust our high standards.

Lots of manufacturers say they produce the best quality fabric labels, or the least expensive labels so you don’t have to worry about cost, but combining the two qualities is a rarity. Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling refuses to sacrifice the quality of our cotton, damask, and satin clothing labels, or the clarity of our law labels, but we also refuse to waste your time waiting for the delivery, or gouging you with high costs. Get your labels at wholesale pricing, high speed, and correct the first time around.

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We have the expertise and ability to create labels and tags for your product! Check out some recent samples of our work and prices and contact us for all your labelling needs. Call us toll free for a free quote or drop by for free samples.