Cotton Labels that are Comfortable and Last

Although clothing tags and cotton labels may seem less than super-important, not only do they communicate important care instructions to customers, but they also provide brands with a simple way to remind shoppers of the company they love and support with each wear. With labels and tags from Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc., achieving these goals has never been easier, or more comfortable for customers.

The reason some individuals cut off clothing labels is due to the scratchy and uncomfortable feeling the material gives off. However, with a cotton label, the tag is as comfortable to wear as the soft cotton fabric the clothing is made of.

Types of Cotton Labels

At Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc., we offer a variety of cotton labels for all of your brand’s needs, including:

  • Natural Cotton Twill
  • Natural Flat Cotton
  • White Flat Cotton
  • White Cotton Twill

Benefits of Fabric Tags and Labels

Brands can take advantage of fabric tags or labels by including an eye-catching logo or slogan so that their customers will be sure to return for more. Additionally, with our high-quality labels that last through many trips in the washing machine, your brand’s message won’t quickly fade.

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