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If you are a clothing designer, you know that you need clothing labels to satisfy legal requirements, and make sure that care and cleaning instructions are clearly stated. The dual purpose of this label helps you communicate information about the type of cloth used in your design, and ensure that the fabric is cared for appropriately to reduce wear and tear. Maybe you are using black and white printed labels to make sure this information translates, but it’s important to remember that you can get custom labels that suit your designs better. Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. has what you need to get the best, most unique labels for your designs.

One our most popular offerings are custom fabric labels, created to perfectly suit your clothing item. Whether you manufacture thousands of t-shirts every month, or you are a boutique, custom dress designer, Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling can find the best possible fabric to match your clothes. Our fabrics include satin, damask, polyester, nylon, twill, and even organic cotton. You can pick a fabric that blends with your materials, or which your customer will barely feel while they are wearing the garment. The seamlessness of your labels will enhance your creativity.

Tags and labels should look and feel great when they are inside your garments – but they also need to convey crucial information. That’s why our custom fabric tags and labels are printed with the latest digital printing technology. Woven tags use high-quality looms and thread, so your care instructions, sizing, and much more will be clear for years. Contact Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling for your first order today. 

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