Woven Labels Provide Hidden Benefits to Your Brand

Before finishing touches are put on a collection, woven labels and clothing tags are often not given that as much thought as they deserve. However, firms that view these small pieces of fabric as simply an attachment to include wash and care instructions are missing out on a significant marketing opportunity.

Apparel labels present several benefits to product lines, the first of which is reminding consumers of the brand they love each time they put on that particular piece of clothing. By seeing a brand’s name and logo with each wear, customers will remember who they prefer to buy their clothes from. Additionally, labels that endure even the harshest of wash cycles establish your brand’s commitment to quality durable fabrics and materials.

At Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc., our woven labels come in a variety of sizes, colors, folds, and more so that your audience will recognize your brand’s name and logo the minute they see it on a label. Available in both 50 and 100 denier, these labels are sure to make your brand stand out. For further branding power, don’t forget what large hang tags with the right designs can do. Whatever your brand’s statement, including it on a label or tag is an important detail your customers will be happy to see and continue to support in the future.

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