Woven Labels for Every Fabric Type

Woven Labels for Every Fabric Type

Matching looks is crucial in the fashion industry, and needs to be taken under special consideration when designing individual items of clothing. Even when a designer completes the initial design of their fabric or item of clothing, they still need to consider how to complete the piece with the perfectly-fitting fabric label. Luckily for discerning Los Angeles designers, Hi-Tech Printing and Labeling Inc., has spent years perfecting the art and science of custom label making. We are able to deliver our clients custom made fabric labels at wholesale prices that allow them to keep their own prices competitive.

These woven labels are extremely valuable when it comes to both making the product stand out on the shelf, and for increasing brand awareness. When a shopper is perusing the shelves and aisles of a clothing store the first place that they look when they see an item of clothing that they are interested in is at the inside collar to check if it is in their size. And, even if that particular item is not in their size, they will see the stunning, custom label from Hi-Tech Printing and Labeling and they will remember that brand the next time they go shopping.

In addition to woven labels, Hi-Tech Printing and Labeling Inc. also produces a variety of other useful labels including paper hang tags, and law labels that often give important disclaimers on items including furniture. While many of our custom labels can be made into endless combinations of designs using eight different colors, these law labels are often plain so that they can convey the necessary information in a direct manner.

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