Woven Labels for Clothing

Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, Inc. offers versatile solutions for the needs of clothing manufacturers, sewing contractors, and even hobbyists who need woven labels for clothing. When you’re in need of the final touch that gives a clothing item the mark of professionalism that comes from work of high quality, Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling is the partner you need. Woven labels for clothing from Hi-Tech have everything you need.

Whether you’re looking for taffeta, damask or satin, we carry the full range of materials, and run them through our looms with precision. Deciding which of these materials is right for your application will be a major part of marketing and presenting your high quality sewn products. Damask, while versatile and great for Custom woven labels, is chosen by clients in search of special durability and flexibility in their woven labels for clothing. We are always careful to render your design in the best possible way, and fine damask makes this easier and more accurate.

Taffeta, on the other hand, has a unique and much cherished texture that many clients choose for their custom fabric labels, quite apart from its relatively low price. Still other clients choose the material that looks the most like something from the age of old-fashioned, styles. These “vintage” style enthusiasts achieve this unique appearance by using satin as a background, and damask for the intricate design details in woven labels for clothing.

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