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As a designer, you have a unique take on fashion and expression. You combine fabrics, prints, and colors in intriguing and exotic ways. You want the labels in your clothing to reflect the creativity of your designs, and you don’t want to sacrifice quality to get a great price. Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. is your answer. Located in Los Angeles’s Fashion District, we understand exactly how important custom woven labels are for L.A.’s high fashion design boutiques.

Designers often come to us because our digital printers provide perfect color-matching, so logos are not only clear, but look exactly like the designer’s website and storefront logos. However, Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling does not just offer the latest digital printing technology, but woven labels with clear care instructions, and superb logo reproductions. Printed labels may be stiff, and the ink could fade with time – woven labels and tags in clothing, however, are softer, so your customers will be more comfortable. Since your logo and care instructions are woven into the fabric with different colored threads, the colors will last longer, and the writing will remain clear for years.

Contact us today about custom woven tags and labels for any retail product, from shirts and pants to mattresses and pillows. We use the latest technology for dyeing, weaving, and printing to ensure that your labels last through years of wear and tear, while remaining vibrant. There’s no reason to sacrifice quality for price with us, and we are happy to help you with bulk orders for your manufacturing run. Best of all, we work to ensure that, with us, shipping to you is quick and easy.