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If you're looking for durable, smooth, and customizable labels, then you should consider Tyvek tags. Tyvek is made from very strong synthetic fibers, which makes it incredibly light-weight yet tough (it's extraordinarily hard to rip by hand). Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, Inc. offers personalized, colorful, and indestructible Tyvek tags at an affordable price with a very fast turnaround time.

Some choose to use Tyvek for their fabric labels because it won't wear, tear, or be affected by water damage. You may have seen Tyvek tags when skiing, for example. However, Tyvek is most commonly used for law labels. A law label is a required tag on pillows, furniture, mattresses, and similar items. It explains the composition of the materials, country of origin, care instructions, and other legally mandated information about the product.

Tyvek is the ideal material for these labels. Tyvek labels last a long time, usually as long as the item they're stuck to. Plus, Tyvek can be easily sewn or glued without losing any durability. It holds up against over-handling, tearing, and abrasion, which is important for products like furniture that can get moved around a lot. Best of all, it's soft and light, so much so that people often times can't feel it if they're sitting on one.

Contact Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling for competitively-priced, well-made custom Tyvek tags for your furniture labels. Our machines can produce labels in a variety of colors and shapes, though always sharp and legible. Because our labels are produced in our factory in Los Angeles, CA., we can ship your labels to you faster and cheaper.

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