Trust Us to Help Your Customers Trust in You

Trust Us to Help Your Customers Trust in You

Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling offers many types of law labels to help your mattresses, furniture, and pillows remain in compliance with the law. Whether you want an organic cotton label to show that you care about the environment, or a high-durability material that won’t rip or tear during shipping, our label manufacturing process can help you communicate necessary information to your customers.

For legal information on new furniture or mattresses, Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling highly recommends Tyvek labels. These labels are made specifically to be durable and difficult to remove if ripped or pulled. While Tyvek can easily be cut with scissors or a knife, the material is incredibly durable. Tyvek maintains the clarity of the ink used to print information like care instructions, flammability, location of the item’s manufacture, and even the legally required “Under penalty of law this tag is not to be removed except by consumer.” Law labels help customers not only know that you have put the thought and effort into best methods for caring for your product, but you have also ensured that the product is brand new and in perfect condition. Your customers will know that if your high-quality label has been removed, then they cannot trust the source of the item – they will know to trust your manufacturing standards, instead.

Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling guarantees the quality of all our labels, whether printed or woven labels, and regardless of the material used. From damask to twill to adhesive labels, all our products are manufactured in the USA, to guarantee the highest standard and fastest shipping to your business. Contact us for bulk and group pricing, as well.

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