The Law Labels Manufacturers Rely On

The Law Labels Manufacturers Rely On

For years, Hi-Tech Printing and Labeling Inc. has built up a reputation as one of the most trusted providers of unique, custom woven labels that clothing designers rely on to make their products stand out from the competition. Yet, there are many other uses for labels other than brand awareness. One of the most common types of label, often seen on furniture and bulky, non-packaged products, is a law label. While many people do not think of law labels when they envision a typical fabric label, everyone has seen them many times before. These are the labels that are often placed on the underside of chairs or other types of furniture that state something along the lines of “Do not remove under penalty of law.”

This type of fabric label is necessary for any product that needs to convey certain material information to the customer. Often, they contain disclaimers about flammability or other concerns that people may have with fabric products. Unlike Hi-Tech Printing and Labeling Inc.’s other products which carry a variety of colors and designs, law labels typically are simple white labels with black text to present the information to the customer in the clearest manner possible. Yet, partnering with Hi-Tech Printing and Labeling Inc. means that manufacturers can get these labels at affordable wholesale prices. Even more, our reliability and outstanding customers service is essential for any business that needs to assure on time completion of orders. We believe that valuable business partnerships are ones where each party sticks to their word, so we will have your order ready when we say it will be ready.

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