Size Strips

Our pressure sensitive labels and adhesive size strips are perfect for jeans, t-shirts, undergarments, and many other garments you may produce. The adhesive on the garment labels will stick well to most fabrics, without leaving any residue or staining. These labels are supplied on rolls, for easy peel and stick application.

Trust to a consumer is sometimes a matter of delivering a sense of completeness. Your carefully designed and manufactured products are often ignored by consumers for reasons you can’t predict. Ever think that missing something as simple as size strips on your garments could lose the trust of potential buyers? Not only that, but size stickers are extremely useful when shopping. Keep shelves neat by helping customers find their size. Clothes require less handling as only the desired sizes are removed.

A buyer will often skip over a product they might love because it doesn’t have a size on the label. Why? The explanation is simple; they’re less likely to try something out if it’s not immediately obvious that it will fit. They might not even pick up the shirt or they could miss the message on the iron on labels.

Consumers come in different sizes. Therefore, they have different needs in clothing sizes. Size strips display the size or difference directly in front on the garment. Large stickers leave no confusion as to the correct garment for the customer purchasing it. A customer will appreciate the extra effort; it shows that each individual need is being met.

Size stickers, however, are also a familiar sign that an item comes from a trustworthy brand. Patrons may not know why size stickers are present, or the requirements involved, but they do convey to the consumer that this product comes from a producer with all their bases covered. This suggests high quality and level of trust in your product.

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