Retail Tags

Retail Tags

Once the manufacturer or clothing company finalizes the creation of their products, the small details that go into the physical sales aspects of the items or the advertisement of the company are sometimes overlooked. For instance, the woven tags that are sewn into garment seams or the retail tags used in the independent boutique to identify the seller and product are often after-thoughts. Retail tags that are hastily assembled may look cheap or easily fall off. Plus, attaching thin, flimsy hang tags to beautiful clothing items cheapens the garments and the hard work of the clothing-maker.

When the manufacturer or seller enlists the services of Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. in Los Angeles, the customer company will acquire attractive custom clothing tags to attach to all of their clothing items. The hang tags constructed by Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling can be professionally laminated, so the tag will hold up even if the item is passed through the hands of several shoppers prior to its final purchase. The machines utilized by our plant prints up to six colors, and our Los Angeles-based factory produces the clothing tags in any shape desired or with any graphic the customer wants to apply. These tags do not easily fade or tear but serve their purpose until the time that the buyer removes the tag.

Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling offers excellent deals on bulk orders of retail tags and labels. Every order, no matter how large or small, is turned around in a timely manner. Our production team is efficient and precise in making certain all of the necessary information is included on the tags.

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