Pillow Tags and Labels are Extremely Important

Pillow tags may seem like an unnecessary yet mandated expense that mostly just annoy the customer. How often do furnishing stores hear the question, “Can I remove this law label after I buy this?”

The truth is, these labels serve a very important purpose for the consumer by establishing trust and preventing illness.

Why Are Pillow Tags Necessary to Begin With?

In the early 20th century, and particularly as mass production of products such as mattresses and pillows started to become commonplace, shady businesses would fill their products not with comfy feathers or cotton, but any number of unpleasant things to lower costs – and they naturally didn’t warn. Sometimes the stuffing was as mundane as horsehair or sod, but the more sinister fillings were known to include literal garbage, corn husks, and worse.

As customer complaints (and illness) became widespread, the federal government had to step in with regulations that protected consumers. Law labels forced companies to include the exact materials included in their products and thus, things like mattress and pillow labels became required and the shady practice has all but stopped.

Then Why Are Law Labels Still Around Today?

Nowadays, law labels like pillow tags are geared more towards helping customers with allergies but the result is generally the same. Customers can look to these labels to know their exact composition and avoid unpleasant reactions. So, these labels must be made to last – and they might as well be as attractive and comfortable as possible!

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