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Personalized Fabric Labels

When the clothing company attaches identifying tags or instructional labels to a new line of products, the business would like to be sure that the labels and tags are durable. However, labels and tags should also suit the item to which they are attached on an aesthetic level. If the company took the time to brand itself, that business can apply their concepts when commissioning personalized fabric labels with Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling. The Los Angeles-based printer utilizes an 8-color printing press and a vast variety of materials to produce long-lasting, one-of-a-kind fabric labels custom for new and returning customers.

Many companies are staffed with talented designers who work up a logo or an original image to attach to their products. In the case that the company hasn’t developed this sort of graphic, the Hi-Tech design professional works with the client to give the personalized fabric labels a look that will coincide with the business’ personality and goods. When an image comes together with fitting text, fonts, and colors, the customer will feel that the clothing labels from Hi-Tech pair very well with their products. Almost any color can be applied to the fabric labels, and the company may select a hi-quality material such as polyester, nylon, tyvek, woven edge satin or bridal satin. For the eco-friendly company with an environmentalist identity and objectives, Hi-Tech can use natural organic flat cotton when producing the printed labels.

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