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At Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc., we focus on customer satisfaction. We work with all kinds of manufacturers to guarantee high-quality, durable, and legible labels for their products, whether it is a woven satin fabric label, or a law label for a brand new mattress. We also manufacture iron-on labels for small boutique designers, adhesive labels for retailers who need to put sizing information on clothing without destroying the item, and hang tags to describe care instructions for the item. With over 25 years of experience, we can ensure you receive a great label anywhere in the world.

We pride ourselves on high quality Tyvek labels, which are required by law to state clearly, "This tag may not be removed under penalty of law except by the consumer.” This guarantees that mattresses, pillows, and upholstered furniture are new, and hygienic for the customer. Low quality printers might use ink that smudges, and that means that your law labels are no longer what they should be. Retailers and customers alike may not trust products that have difficult to read labels with smudged ink. Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling uses the latest printing technology to ensure that legal information on your label will remain legible through the whole shipping process.

Our manufacturing facilities can color match your logo perfectly, whether you need law labels, adhesive labels, iron-on labels, or woven labels. Send us your design and we can create a beautiful custom label for your new design house, or print safety and care instructions per legal requirements. Our customer service agents are waiting for your call.

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We have the expertise and ability to create labels and tags for your product! Check out some recent samples of our work and prices and contact us for all your labelling needs. Call us toll free for a free quote or drop by for free samples.