Make a Difference with Our Fabric Labels for Your Clothing

Make a Difference with Our Fabric Labels for Your Clothing

Fabric labels for clothing are making a difference on sales these days. Not only are buyers becoming more aware of labels and the information that is supplied on them, but are buying products specifically due to the way labels look! Customers are looking at the brand name and also the appearance and appeal of the label before bringing an article of clothing in the dressing room to try on and also before they purchase it for their friends for a gift. Every tiny detail matters when purchasing that meaningful present!

Hi Tech printing & Labeling Inc. makes apparel labels that stand out. You supply the logo and we’ll supply the rest! Our cotton twill labels offer a pleasing touch to the customer’s neck while our organic labels will please the environmentally friendly customer and manufacturer. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a wide variety of sizes, colours and materials. Our experts will offer suggestions and various options for your masterpiece clothing label and send you samples of the premade product before going forward with your order. Of course you will always have the last say on decisions.

Most of our printed labels are made in the USA, but we offer woven labels that are also made in Korea and China. We bring across any sense of style with our cutting edge machinery and our quick friendly service in providing reliable and quality woven labels for clothing that are sturdy and difficult to tear. Try us out. We can’t wait to get started on your labels today!

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