Law Labels are Essential for Non-Packaged Goods

Law Labels are Essential for Non-Packaged Goods

As children, many people at one time or another were tempted by a white paper label attached to a piece of furniture in their home that reads “Do not remove under Penalty of Law.” Few children could refuse such obvious forbidden fruit, but what many did not realize is that this was only advising against removing the label before the item was purchased. The true purpose of these law labels is to serve as a disclaimer, containing any necessary product liability information that consumers should be aware of. While many other products may contain warnings on their packaging or in their instruction manual, large products like furniture do not come with such things. While the inclusion of a law label is not something that most new entrepreneurs think about when making a new product, it is important that companies partner with Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. to make sure that all of their customers receive all necessary information.

In addition to these law labels, Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling specializes in making a variety of different types of custom clothing labels that designers count on to make their product stand out. Many designers that go with bland labels underestimate the impact that a unique label can have on a shopper’s opinion of their product. When perusing the seemingly endless racks of a department store, an innovative label from Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling can make your products truly stand out from the rest. We offer our clients a variety of choices including printed and woven labels, all at affordable bulk prices.

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