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As a designer, you work hard to make your garments unique and desirable. You want them to last for a long time, remain comfortable, and look great. You try to stay ahead of the trends, or keep a classic silhouette. Once your designs are done and ready to be created, you need that final touch – labels for clothing. Every clothing label needs to describe the composition of the fabric, the size information (potentially for multiple countries), and offer care instructions. You also want your customers to know more about your company, so you want your company name and logo clearly visible and easy to read. It is important for your clothing labels to match the materials you use to make your items – if they are uncomfortable or unattractive, your customer is likely to cut them out, which doesn’t help. On top of all that, you want the best price for these labels. You need Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling.

Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling has proudly led the woven and printed fabric label industry for almost three decades. We provide high-quality labels for clothing at wholesale prices that cannot be beat by our competition. We work directly with each of our customers to guarantee they get the labels they need, and want, in their clothing. We offer a wide variety of fabrics to both print information on, or weave information into. Our 8-color printing press uses the latest technology for stunning, vibrant colors which perfectly match your logo.

There’s nowhere else to look for custom clothing labels and tags, but Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling. Contact us today to discuss our fantastic wholesale prices.

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