Labels for Clothing are Very Important

If you are a clothing designer, or if your business is the manufacture of apparel to be sold at retail, labels for clothing are a very necessary item in order to communicate important information as well as your brand identity. Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. is a fine example of a company that prides itself on its high quality labels, competitive prices, and fast and unsurpassed service.

The law says that a fabric item has to proclaim that it is made of a particular kind of fiber or textile. From a business point of view, having your brand prominently and consistently displayed also encourages happy customers to keep buying from you. The styling of your machine applied or sew on clothing labels completes your individual profile. That becomes a form of advertising that creates a strong association with your brand.  Our products include a large selection of fabrics for the labels including nylon, satins, polyesters, twills and taffeta in a variety of colors that will help you speak to your target audience.

For the design on the clothing labels, you may want a durable and high quality woven label, especially for high fashion blouses and jackets, where you want the refinement and elegance of your garments to come across by hand-crafted workmanship. These labels are weaved from thread on the most modern looms, are not embroidered on ribbon so that the desired colors and size are more achievable, and which contain your logo, artwork, and/or text. For DIYers and smaller firms, we also offer woven sewing labels.

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