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As a manufacturer, you know your customers need to trust the information listed on your clothing or furniture labels. Care instructions must be clear so the consumer can keep their item in great shape for years to come. The customer will check the label almost immediately for size information, and may not purchase your product if that is unclear. Labels also convey important safety information, from the types of fabrics or dyes used in the material, to federally-required information on mattresses and pillows. A fabric label conveys so much information, you have to know you can trust your label maker. At Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, Inc., we refuse to sacrifice quality or speed just to improve our bottom line.

Our fabric labels are made from the highest quality cotton, polyester, nylon, damask, or satin. We carefully stitch or print the information you need onto this cloth, so that safety and care information remains visible. Consumers will want to know size information immediately, so we make sure that lettering is obvious, which can save not just time, but a customer’s dignity when they try on clothing items. We use the most modern printing and weaving techniques so that we can match the color and style of your logo, meaning your customers will always recognize your brand.

Whether you need Tyvek labels for mattresses or furniture, woven damask labels on long-lasting winter coats, or adhesive labels that won’t leave glue stains on designer jeans, Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, Inc. can make your label perfect the first time. We offer wholesale prices and ship your labels on time, every time.

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