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Hi-Tech Explains the Fantastic Tyvek Material

Hi-Tech Explains the Fantastic Tyvek Material

Known for our incredibly comprehensive selection of labels and tags, the team here at Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. helps all of our customers get matched up with the ideal material for their product. This is even the case with our many printed label materials, which include but are not limited to satins (woven edge, bridal, removable adhesive, ply, acetate), cottons (natural twill, organic flat), acetate, polyester, and Tyvek. This article is going to help shed some light on the incredible material known as Tyvek.

Tyvek, a synthetic material made out of polyethylene, is most often used in labels on furniture and mattresses, though it has a broad range of applications as it water proof. It's perfect for furniture and mattress tags because it won't rip (as opposed to something like a woven label) and has to be cut off if wanted to be removed. After all, different localities and the US government all demand that certain products carry information about materials, country of origin, care instructions, and much more before being sold. A well-made, helpful Tyvek label from Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. can expertly fit all required information into a tag, helping you fulfill your legal obligations!

Plus, if you have any questions about what needs to go onto these labels, feel free to ask somebody on the Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. team. We are a medium sized business, which means we are still small enough to give our customers the personal attention they need while having enough equipment and experience to create some of the finest woven labels and printed tags in the industry.

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