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Heat-Transfer Labels

Heat-Transfer Labels

Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, Inc. promises three things when it comes to manufacturing your heat-transfer labels: durability, punctuality, and creativity. We understand that many may be wary of the longevity of iron-on labels; however, Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, Inc. utilizes the most cutting-edge technology to craft our heat-transfer tags. This means that the most reliable heat-transfer labels in the industry are found here.

Secondly, Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, Inc. guarantees the punctual delivery of your heat-transfer labels order. We're a medium-sized, family-owned company with decades of experience in the industry. This means that we have the practice and machinery here that many small shops lack and can do practically any type of printing with the technology we have on hand. Yet, Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, Inc. is not a big company and won't (as they tend to do) overcharge you and lose the personal touch that many of our customers prefer.

Finally, because of the technology and experience of Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, Inc., we can artistically craft any design of iron-on clothing labels. We have dealt with some of the most difficult artwork throughout our time and have successfully brought these brands to life. In fact, we enjoy the challenge. So, don't hold back when coming up with designs for your adhesive labels. You can see many of Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, Inc.'s favorite designs plastered throughout our site; we can do an equally good job on your order.

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