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With many vendors operating out of the downtown garment district, there are plenty of printing companies providing garment labels to Los Angeles. Many label makers, however, fall short of producing quality items for customers in a timely manner. And even if the order is finished on time, this does not mean that the new labels are well-made. Poor materials that were hastily produced on unreliable equipment quickly fray, dissolve, or fade after a few routine washes. With Hi-Tech Printing and Labeling Inc., our customers always receive vivid, durable fabric and woven labels made of the best materials.

Garment labels for Los Angeles clothing companies help distinguish one brand from another. The label displays garment information, such as size, but it also serves as a symbol of your company, as well as an advertising tool. With the vast array of color options in our inventory and multiple label sizes available, Hi-Tech Printing and Labeling provides customers with quality labels to attach to the seams or hems of their garments. Our woven labels are made from fine damask (100 denier), satin or taffeta. For over twenty years, our company has provided woven clothing labels to world-famous companies, as well as small, local manufacturers releasing their first clothing line. Hi Tech-Printing and Labeling applies the same amount of care and attention to each batch, regardless of the notoriety of the vendor or the size of the order. Customers are repeatedly satisfied, setting us apart from other manufacturers producing woven labels in Los Angeles.

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