For Clothing Labels Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. is the Value Leader

Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. can provide you with the perfect final touch for your consumer goods: sophisticated, professionally created clothing labels. Regardless of how complex or simple your designs are, we can handle your order. Quality and value is always our watchword, making us a leader for custom-made woven tags, fabric labels, hang tags, and more.

Our labels help customers with a taste for high-end fashion feel assured of the authenticity of the clothing they are receiving from all of their well-loved brands and they can reassure thrifty shoppers that they are getting the best possible value. Hang tags provide a quick and convenient way for consumers to identify the materials, size, and other details of the piece before picking it up from its display rack. Our fabric hang tags can go a long way towards setting the right tone for any item. You decide how the tag will be attached; from a simple ribbon to the more modern plastic tab, any method is sure to compliment the aesthetic of the piece. 

Woven labels can be a genuine enhancement to sportswear. Customers will appreciate the soft feel of a woven label, and your marketing efforts will be enhanced by the fact that your brand's tag will remain with the item for the life of the outfit. 

At Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc., we've taken our mission to serve our clients seriously ever since we began our journey in the label making industry back in 1989. almost 30 years of experience crafting high-quality manufactured tags for the clothing industry. From the U.S. marketplace to the international arena, we are proud to help you continue shaping your company's image as a brand worth following.

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