Fabric Labels That Boost Marketing and Sales

At first glance, fabric labels may seem not to be of much use besides communicating necessary information about clothing size, materials used, and care directions. However, when utilized well, they can provide an alternate source of marketing that helps manufacturers and designers build a loyal customer base. At Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc., we make sure that your clothing labels and tags are not only durable but fully customized to fit your brand so that your customers will always recognize and relate to your products.

Fabric tags or labels are only useful if what’s printed on them is visible – that’s pretty obvious! Even so, too often labels and tags rip or quickly fade due to poor quality of materials or printing. Our tags and labels are made of high quality, durable material with a variety of styles, including woven and printed fabric. Our 8-color label press provides even and vibrant coloring so that your logo stands out.

For brands with social or charitable missions, there’s no better way to remind your customers of the ethics they’re supporting with every purchase than through the use of fabric tags. Advertising your brand by including an image or wording relating to the company or simply making sure your brand’s logo pops from a contrasting background color is the easiest way to ensure that your clients return for future purchases.

Whatever your fabric label and tag needs are, Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. is here to assist you. To get started today, call the number at the top of the page or reach out to us online.

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