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Fabric Labels for Clothing

After a clothing company produces its latest line of garments, applying fabric labels for clothing is one of the final tasks to complete before sending the item to retailers. This is a bonus opportunity for applying further creativity to the new products. The design and production staff at Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling yields the perfect batch of woven or fabric clothing labels to suit the look and feel of the latest creations. Why would the clothing manufacturer choose plain, poorly-made fabric labels for clothing, when a colorful label made out of a complimentary material adds appeal to the item? While the care label might not seem like an important detail, these tags and labels provide the buyer with important information related to the garment and the company. The printed labels from Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling will not quickly fade or fray, serving their functional purpose for an extended length of time.

When the client commissions a batch of fabric labels for clothing from Hi-Tech, he or she will receive the bulk labels in a timely manner. While this is the case, the Los Angeles printer does not rush the work that goes into the tags or sewing labels. Hi-Tech possesses reliable, top-of-the-line equipment, expediting each batch order in the appropriate amount of time. The production team takes the fabric selected by the customer (cotton, polyester, nylon, satin, or another material) and oversees the steady, even production of vivid fabric labels. With the factory’s multi-colored press, the customer can have up to eight colors printed on the selected fabric.

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