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You know that the law may require your clothing, bedding, or fabric accessories to have specific labels describing how to care for the item, the size, the fabrics involved, and other specifics. When customers look for your items in stores, having paper or fabric hang tags are also important to help identify sizes or other details. However, just because your clothing should have these labels doesn’t mean they have to be generic – at Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc., we can customize your labels and tags so they enhance your designs.

There are many companies online who say they can create beautiful custom labels, but Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling has offered personalized printed and woven labels, hang tags, and even law labels since 1989, using the latest technology. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality fabrics, too, so you can pick a fabric for your interior labels that matches your designs, feels soft, and will last for years. Our labels offer vibrant color that is resistant to fading despite wear and tear.

When you need clothing labels or hang tags in a hurry, Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. has the most personalized customer service, most reasonable prices, and fastest turnaround you’re likely to find. Based in Los Angeles, our location in this large port city allows us to ship labels quickly and easily around the world. We can accommodate any request for customization, so your important care instructions, company information, and design house logo will appear perfect in each of your unique items.

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