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Eco-Friendly Labels

Eco-Friendly Labels

For the retailer dealing in eco-friendly clothing, it is important that every element of the product offered to the customer is earth-friendly. Plenty of grassroots clothing companies are comprised of a tight-knit team that shares similar ecological ideals. These independent labels want all of the materials involved in production to be sustainable, from the materials utilized in the creation of the garment itself to the eco-friendly labels and tags fixed to the final product. For these business entities, promoting oneself as a green label is not a mere marketing tactic but falls in line with a personal ethos. Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. manufactures eco-friendly labels suitable for recycled creations and garments comprised of the most organic materials. Whether your article is made of organic cotton, hemp, or soy, Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling offers materials for manufacturing green labels in bulk.

Natural cotton twill and natural organic flat cotton offered by Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling will not compromise your product. Our customers are constantly pleased with the look of our printed organic labels, woven fabric labels, hang tags, and more. We can take the organic flat cotton or one of the other fabric label materials selected and print up to eight colors, producing a bulk supply of eco-friendly labels that are professional-looking and attractive. Through commission an organic label project by Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, your company will stay true to its marketplace ethic.

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