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Garment designers have a lot to focus on: upcoming trends, high-quality materials, the drape of a certain fabric, how colors look in different light, and how to make one design fit multiple body types. If you’re a designer, you probably don’t think much about the labels or tags that will be added to your clothing later. However, these are very important items – not only because they convey safety information or care instructions, but because they can make or break your design. Fortunately, Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling has worked with dozens of clients for decades, creating perfect personalized fabric labels and tags for all kinds of industry needs.

Even if you’ve considered the labels that go inside your garment, you may not have thought about the importance of the clothing hang tags, which complete the display in a retail setting. These tags offer detailed information about your company, and even who you are as a designer. They also give your customers quick guides to sizing, materials, and care involved in your garment. With a custom hang tag, you can grab a new customer’s attention, and they won’t have to rummage around in your hanging garment to get information.

Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling proudly offers a wide range of fabrics to print onto, or weave information into. We use the latest technology to ensure a quality that will last for years. We also offer some of the best pricing in the field, so contact us today with questions about our wholesale clothing tags or labels. 

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