Custom Clothing Tags

Custom Clothing Tags


When shopping for new outfits at our favorite stores, we usually pick up an item that appeals to us and then go straight for the clothing tags. These labels generally tell us everything we need to know about the item: size, care instructions, fabrics used, brand name, etc. It's at that moment that we make our decision to try it on or not and we ask ourselves, "Will this fit? Is this shirt worth dry cleaning? Do I like this brand?" So, as a fabric or clothing retail business owner, you should seriously put your best foot forward and craft unique and beautiful custom clothing tagswith the help of Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc.


As already mentioned, tags for clothing are important and informative. Yet many don't realize that they can also be eye-catching and personalized for your brand. The team at Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. has over 25 years of experience in making custom clothing tags and they pride themselves on helping customers get exactly what they want quickly and cost-effectively. The labels are always good looking, too. They can print up to 8 colors on a label in a bevy of printed or woven fabrics: satins, twills, cottons, and many more. These can be sewn in, ironed on, or self-adhered. Bonuses, too, like stickers and hang tags can be made in any shape imaginable.
Again, imagine your custom clothing tag as your non-verbal introduction to your clientele. Impress them with the care and design of your label and they'll think warmly on your brand and store.

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