Chose the Right Clothing Label for Your Collection

One of the many decisions you need to make before bringing your clothing collection to life is choosing the best clothing labels for each item. While it might be easy to go with a one-size-fits-all approach, the truth is that not all fabric tags and labels are the same. Just as each article of clothing requires different fabrics and materials to make it comfortable or give it the right kind of textured look, the tags attached to these pieces also need to fit in seamlessly with the item.

Form and Function

When choosing a clothing label for specific articles of clothing, it’s important to consider both its form and function.

Take a pair of jeans, for example. Jeans are typically meant to be a durable, long-lasting item that’s worn repeatedly across all sorts of occasions. The corresponding clothing label should be just as strong and made from a sturdy fabric so that customers will always have access to the information.

On the other hand, an evening gown is more delicate and might require a thinner and softer fabric label that won’t be easily noticeable. The placement of the tag may also be in a unique location depending on the design of the dress. In some cases, brands may have to look into a custom tag to ensure a good overall fit between a gown and the right clothing label.

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