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Artistic Woven Labels for Clothing to Suit your Aesthetic

If you are a designer, you know that plenty of hard work and passion goes into developing a one-of-kind product. Your knowledge of clothing design and the influence of those whose work proceeds your own play a strong part in your own creations. When the finishing touches are put on the last item of a the first collection, the creator is in need of woven labels for clothing that attractively and efficiently display the garments’ origins. Let Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling take care of this aspect of manufacturing for your label. Our company procures the finest materials for woven and printed labels that will match your products in quality and originality. Our knowledgeable staff works with customers to expedite fashion or product labels that the retailer should expect from a competent second party producing woven labels.

We use many high-quality materials for our printed labels, including but not limited to woven edge satin, bridal satin, removable adhesive satin, natural cotton twill, natural organic flat cotton, poly twill, satin acetate, poly satin, and polyester. For our woven clothing labels, Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling uses woven damask, satin, or taffeta. These labels are long-lasting and will not unravel or fade. Our company clearly prints all of the necessary article information on the label, according to your specifications. As we have over 25 years of experience in the business, our staff makes all of the useful recommendations so that the pertinent information is displayed on your woven label. The woven label can carry all of the branding information that you feel is necessary in representing your company, including your picture or motto.

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