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All Types of Labels for All Types of Fabrics

One of the best parts about working with an experienced label printer like Hi-Tech Printing and Labeling Inc. is that our 25 years in the business have allowed us time to perfect nearly every type of fabric printing and labeling that our customers ask for. While our customers most commonly ask for traditional labels like paper hang tags and woven collar and sleeve labels, we can also provide a variety of unique products that allow clothing designers to completely customize their products.

For example, designers often use twill tape as a way to make a seam extra durable or to tie up the back of some dresses and aprons. Yet, they are unaware that they could be getting custom printed twill tape from Hi-Tech Printing and Labeling that increases both the aesthetics and branding of their clothing. For shoppers who value uniqueness in their clothing, a small tweak like this can be the deciding factor when they are considering making a purchase.

Personalized fabric labels are all about showing customers that your product is unique, so we make it our mission to offer our customers as many types of labels as possible made from a variety of materials. We have labels made from satin, Tyvek, nylon, polyester, organic cotton, and much more. We can make labels that are woven, or ironed on, depending on our customer’s individual preference. Even more, we can design these labels in up to 8 colors so the look and vibrancy of the label can match the diversity of the fabrics.