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If you market or design a large amount of clothes, then attaching labels to your pieces can get incredibly time consuming. Each item needs a tag (sometimes more than one) and this can consume many precious hours of time that could be focused elsewhere. Luckily, adhesive labels from Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, Inc. can provide a fast, durable solution to this conundrum.
Besides ease of use, why should you use adhesive labels? Iron on labels can add unnecessary heat and glue to your apparel. Some garments are incredibly delicate and sewing in a label may damage it too much. An adhesive label provides the security of these types of tags without adding any risk.

Now, why Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, Inc.? They're the perfectly-sized business, small enough to give your job plenty of personal attention yet large enough to manufacture their own labels. This simpler line of production means that your labels require fewer go-betweens, which saves you money. Plus, after 25 years of successful operation, they have the capability to get your labels done perfectly and on time. With up to 8 vivid colors, your logo will shine beautifully on your handiwork.

So, go with adhesive labels from Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling, Inc. to give your clothing a nice touch. Pressure sensitive and adhesive fabric labels are iron and sewing-free alternatives that won't burden you with extra work. Consider size stickers, too, in order to cut down on excess tagging on the inside of your garment. Size strips also make shopping faster for the consumer by quickly informing them if the item will fit without having to dig for the tag.

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