A Tyvek Label for Texas-Based Businesses

Tyvek labels in Texas from Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. are a perfect choice for any Lone Star State company wanting durable labels that will not succumb to ordinary wear and tear. Labels that are strong and sturdy -- perfect for Texas! While Tyvek can be easily cut with a pair of scissors, it is extremely resistant to tearing without the use of a sharp edge. This makes Tyvek labels ideal for products such as furniture or items geared towards outdoor use; some products like mattresses may even require Tyvek labels by law. If this is the case and you are not exactly sure what should be included in your product’s label, we can certainly assist you in creating a legally compliant label for both national and statewide requirements.

If your products do not require a specific type of label and you are deciding between a few different material types to deal with your local partner businesses, we can also help you here. We know that you work in one of the largest and most diverse geographical locations on the planet, and you need lots of topics. So, we can put virtually any logo, message, or other information that you would like to include on your label. This can be especially important for regions like Texas where local pride is always a factor.

Once you know what you want, simply fill out the order form that is available online, send it to us via one of the methods listed on the form, and we will then confirm your selections as soon as possible -- we love out Texas customers and want you to come right back to us.

For more information on Tyvek labels, our ordering process, or any of our other services, simply call the number on your screen or visit our contact page. We never mess around with our Texas clients!

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