A Law Label for Texas Mattress Manufacturers

A law label for Texas mattress manufacturers needs to be made of high-quality materials to last as long as the mattress is used. Hi-Tech Printing & Labeling Inc. is acutely aware that United States law mandates that all mattresses made or sold within its borders be fitted with a tag reporting the materials used to make the mattress to ensure that its contents are both of good quality and safe for consumers.

At Hi-Tech Printing & Labelling Inc., we want our retail and manufacturer customers to hold our products to the same high standards that their products are held to. That’s why we make all our products from durable, high-quality materials. For law labels in Texas, you can trust our manufacturing process and feel confident knowing that our tags will do the job.

Our Process

We make our products using the latest manufacturing processes to ensure quality across all our product lines. Since law labels must be durable, may customers use Tyvek, a lightweight paper-like material that is incredibly resistant to tearing and cutting. With Tyvek labels, you can be sure that your law labels will last well beyond the time it takes for you to sell your products.

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